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Hot Air Balloon Pole Topper

HENDRICK’S GIN – Hot Air Balloon Pole Topper

The Hendrick’s Gin company is all about “cultivating the unusual.” The brand has capitalized on creative marketing opportunities since its introduction to America 15 years ago. Just 3 weeks ahead of launch, Hendrick’s challenged Spectas to design and produce 150 hanging hot air balloons to promote “World Cucumber Day” in conjunction with their unique “Hendricks Air” campaign. Spectas rose to the occasion and delivered under budget by constructing the balloons and baskets entirely from cost-effective 24pt SBS. Not only was Spectas able to engineer the balloon’s compound curves from paperboard, but by importing our CAD model into Cinema 4D, we dynamically mapped the the client’s 2D artwork to seamlessly cover our 3D model, without
sacrificing image resolution.