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Spectas is a unique blend of visual merchandising agency + manufacturer of custom retail displays. We provide instore solutions for global brand companies using a wide spectrum of materials and design technologies. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, we have 300,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and fulfillment operations. Our sales offices are strategically located nationwide and work collaboratively with our dedicated in-house account management team. Moorestown, New Jersey is home to our Innovation Center, which serves as the creative hub for ongoing advancements in industrial design and integrated technology.



The Spectas mission is to "keep the economic circle unbroken while positively contributing to the lives of others." Simply put - we bring our best to our clients and teams in the workplace, to our families, our neighborhoods and communities-at-large around us. The Spectas "Live It" Team is an interdepartmental group of employees committed to actively generating company-wide causes and events. From city to city, Spectas employees volunteer together for the benefit of local, national and global charities. Our people work hard, bring their best and give back.


Today, more than ever, brands like yours know the retail marketplace is ever-changing. In the world of brick-and mortar, visual inspiration reigns. Shopper engagement rules. At Spectas we engineer solutions designed to help global brands make instore connections every day.

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